Shift Managers – Sarpino’s Clive

Sarprino’s Clive is looking for energetic and hardworking individuals who would like to work in a fun environment. Ideal candidates would be someone who has a good attitude and is willing to work hard:

Shift managers: They are responsible for store’s life. They are the bosses on their shift, the orchestra leaders of the team and operations. Assigning each employee to a specific task, ensuring quality control of all the items, packaging ready product, driver dispatching, resolving customer complaints and making sure the store efficiently operates are their major responsibilities. Monitoring store performance indicators and making necessary adjustments is a part of the daily job. Want to be in charge? Then this position is right for you!

Interested candidates should contact:

Laura and Rob Sherwood
Owner’s – Sarpino’s Clive
15700 Hickman Rd #130,
Clive, IA, 50325