Clive Launches E-Book Version of Greenbelt Master Plan

During their October 27 meeting, the Clive City Council formally adopted the Clive Greenbelt Master Plan. Over the past 18 months the City, a consultant team led by RDG Planning & Design, citizens and numerous stakeholders worked together to develop a master plan laying out a long-term vision for the Clive Greenbelt, and the implementation steps needed to reach that vision.

Following approval of the Plan, the City has been working with RDG on developing an interactive “E-Book” version of the Greenbelt Master Plan. The goal of the E-Book is to make the many components of the Greenbelt Master Plan accessible to the public in an easy and user-friendly format.

“When we started on the Greenbelt Master Plan Project it was important for the end product to be easily communicated to Clive residents, businesses, and Greenbelt visitors,” said Clive Mayor Scott Cirksena. “This E-Book, available on our website, provides a critical communication tool for the Clive Community to view and interact with the long-term vision we have for the Greenbelt.”

The E-Book version of the Greenbelt Master Plan is available on the City’s website at In 2017 the City plans to utilize the E-Book in presentations to citizens, regional stakeholders and neighboring communities.

Contact: Matt McQuillen, Assistant City Manager (515) 223-6220