Caucus Your Beer at 515 Brewing Co.

CLIVE, IA (January 7, 2016) – In true Iowa style, 515 Brewing Co. is getting into the election spirit. To celebrate the upcoming Iowa Caucus, we have pitted four of our beers against each other to determine which deserves the title of “Commandbeer in Chief.”

From January 27 th through 30th, supporters can caucus for their favorite 515 beer candidate by drinking 515 beer. For each full beer or flight purchased in our taproom, patrons will receive a vote to cast for their favorite beer candidate. Votes do not have to coincide with the beer that was purchased. Election results will be tallied and announced daily so supporters can stay abreast of their candidate’s progress.

The Caucus Your Beer 2016 winner will be named “Commandbeer in Chief” at a victory celebration on Sunday, January 31st, beginning at 1:00 p.m. A representative on behalf of the winning candidate will be present to give their acceptance speech and claim victory. Following the acceptance, $1 pints of the winning beer will be served until the first keg is gone.

Caucus Your Beer 2016 candidates include Numb Nut, a spiced nut brown ale; OJ IPA, an American Pale Wheat; D.A.R.T. Dodger, an American IPA (India Pale Ale); and Wired Heifer, a coffee milk stout. Rumors of a fifth candidate have been circulating, but have not been confirmed at this time.

We at 515 Brewing Co. expect this to be a good and fair race, comprised of candidates that truly care about their community’s palette and satisfaction. We hope you’ll join us in exercising your right to vote by exercising your right to drink great beer.

Caucus Your Beer 2016

“Commandbeer in Chief” Victory Celebration

For more information and updates, please visit or contact us directly at #CaucusYourBeer